Allocation Determinations

2023-2024 Allocations by Water Source
Current as at 09 May 2024
Water Source - ZoneHigh Security / High ReliabilityGeneral Security / Low Reliability
Murrumbidgee Valley100%100%
Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater100%
NSW Murray100%110%
Lachlan Fold Belt MDB Groundwater100%
Lachlan Valley100%0%
Lower Lachlan Groundwater100%
Upper Lachlan Groundwater100%
Lower Murray Groundwater100%
Victoria - Broken100%100%
Victoria - Goulburn100%77%
Victoria - Loddon100%77%
Victoria - Murray100%100%
Victoria - Ovens100%
Full copies New South Wales and Victorian Allocation Annoucencements are available via the links below:
NSW Allocation StatementsVictorian Seasonal Determinations 
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