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No Increase in Murrumbidgee Allocation. 

Persistent hot and dry weather has led to continued high demand for water and relatively high water losses across the valley.

There has been no increase to NSW Murray general security allocation primarily due to limited inflows and conditions remaining hot and dry.

The next allocation announcement will be 2nd May 2016. 


Murrumbidgee General Security water allocation remains at 37% of entitlement.

Murrumbidgee High Security water allocation remains at 95% of entitlement. 

NSW Murray General Security water allocation remains at 23% of entitlement.

NSW Murray High Security water allocation remains at 97% of entitlement. 


For more information regarding the allocation announcement please see the
See past and present Media Releases on the NSW Office of Water website by clicking here


Allocation announcement

Allocation Announcement

15th July 2014

We have had good rainfall in the upper parts of both the Murray and Murrumbidgee catchments.
This has enabled allocation increases in the NSW Murray and Murrumbidgee Valleys.

NSW Murray, increase of 3% = 9% of entitlement

Murrumbidgee, increase of 7% = 17% of entitlement
The NSW Office of Water has distributed a media release with the allocation increase details as well as a forecast to 1st October general security allocations. 

Click below to read the media release

View the current allocations page for a full list (Note, those still showing opening determination are awaiting announcement).

For all of your water trading requirements, call any time 02 6931 8522

Tom Wilks
0428 694 608

Supplementary Access announcements

Murrumbidgee Valley and NSW Murray Valley Supplementary Access 

Friday July 11th, 2014

NSW Office of Water has extended supplementary access in the Murrumbidgee Valley following rainfall over large parts of the tributary catchments.

Refer to the media release below for revised closing dates and times, and stand-by for announcements of further extensions.

The NSW Office of Water today announced supplementary access in the NSW Murray Valley. 
All general security access licence holders may divert water during this period of supplementary flow, as the general security allocation is less than 60 percent. 

Refer to the media release below for more details.
I have clients with keen interest in buying permanent supplementary water licences.

For all of your water trading requirements,
Call anytime.

Tom Wilks
0428 694 608

Important Notice- changes at State Water

Changes at State Water

Important Information regarding the 2014/15 trade season


Changes to Transfer Fees/Usage Fees 

Fees for Groundwater assignments are set by the NSW Office of Water. Fees for Groundwater for Season 2014/2015 remain unchanged: 
$242.12 per application (GST free) 

Fees for Surface Water assignments are set by the ACCC, the fees for Season 2014/2015 have changed and are listed below:
$38.00 plus $0.50 per megalitre traded (GST free) up to a maximum of $150* 
(*not uncapped as printed in edition 35 of the Weekly Water News published 01/07/14)

Usage fees for Season 2014/2015 are applicable and will be charged on ALL applications where the nominated buyers licence is not connected to a NSW Works Approval. The updated fee schedule will be will be forwarded to Agents once released.

All Fees must be paid to State Water before an application can be processed. 

Variable Usage Charges (VUC) 
VUC for Season 2014/15 are applicable and will be charged on all applications where the nominated buyers licence is not connected to a NSW Works Approval.

VUC for Regulated River Valleys in NSW:

River Valley  VUC
Border  $11.42 
Gwydir  $13.41 
Namoi  $21.81 
Peel  $50.61 
Lachlan (& Belubula)  $20.56 
Macquarie  $16.30 
Murray  $7.85 
Murrumbidgee  $5.10 
North Coast  $50.58 
Hunter (& Paterson)  $16.52 
South Coast  $45.99 

Important Dates to note in the 2014/15 Season

Season Open Dates

Trading of Surface Water and Groundwater in all Valleys commences 1st July 2014.
Trading of Surface Water from the Murrumbidgee Valley is at its limit and remains closed until further notice.
Trade to and from the Lower Darling Valley remains suspended while Menindee Lakes are low.

Season Closing Dates by Valley 

Interstate (to & from South Australia and Victoria) - 30 April 2015 
Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lower Daring (Intervalley and Intravalley) - 31 May 2015 
All Other River Valleys - 15 June 2015* 
All groundwater sources - 15 June 2015* 
* Applications received by 15 June 2015 are guaranteed to be processed. Late applications will be received up until 30 June 2015, however State Water cannot guarantee approval if the application is incomplete or incorrect

Please note, these dates may be subject to change. 


Murrumbidgee Valley, High Security Water

I have genuine buyers of permanent water willing to pay $2000/ML


Click here to view the permanent buyer listings
Or contact the office on 02 6931 8522

If you have any queries on this, please contact me any time.
Tom Wilks
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ABC Rural interview

Click here to listen to the ABC Rural radio interview with Tom Wilks regarding the low allocations for NSW Irrigators, as recorded yesterday 01/07/14 for Country Hour. 

Trade from Murrumbidgee Valley Suspended

NSW Water Commissioner, David Harriss, today confirmed that allocation trades from the Murrumbidgee Valley have reached their limit and that further trade out of the valley is suspended. 

Applications for trade into and within the Murrumbidgee Valley will still be accepted and continues unaffected.

End-of-year close to Murrumbidgee Interstate trade is tomorrow 30th April, and end-of-year close of Murrumbidgee Inter-valley trade within NSW is the end of May.

Read the full media release here: 
Media Release NSW DPI Office of Water 290414

Please contact me if you have any questions,
Tom Wilks
0428 694 608

Allocation Announcement

NSW Water Commissioner, David Harriss, yesterday announced there would be no increase to the Murrumbidgee Valley general security allocation- it remains at 59%

Allocation Announcement 17th March 2014

Visit the Wilks Water Current Allocations web page

Lower Darling Temporary Trade Closed

NSW Water Commissioner David Harriss today announced the closure of temporary trade into and out of the regulated lower Darling River.

Read the full media release here