• Wanted Carryover / Parking Space 1000ML @ $100/ML

  • WANTED TO BUY - 2000ML Murrumbidgee Supplementary Permanent Entitlements $770/ML

HEATHER HATCH - Call 0447 473 755

Wilks Water would like to welcome

Heather Hatch

Griffith's leading water broker.

Heather joins the team as our local lady on the ground for all Griffith water needs and brings over 12 years experience in the water industry. 

You can contact Heather on 0447 473 755, email heather@wilkswater.com.au or meet with her in the Ray White Griffith office, located at 139 Yambil Street, Griffith, NSW.

No Commission, No Reserve Price!

Temporary Surface Water – 2017 Auction Format

No Commission, No Reserve Price!

The 2016/17 water year has been a complete contrast from last season. Who could have predicted such a wet spring? The impact of this has seen temporary water prices on a steady decline throughout the year. The big wet has also resulted in a huge volume of unused allocation still in the system, which at this time of year means there is going to be an oversupply of sellers looking for a return or risk forfeiture come the end of the season.

Given the conditions, Wilks Water has altered their fee structure for the 2017 Water Auction, seeking to find a win-win structure for both sellers and buyers.

NO RESERVE PRICE for Temporary Surface Water listed at the Water Auction.

The ‘no reserve’ format will attract any buyers keen to secure water before end of season.

NO VENDORS COMMISSION* for Temporary Surface Water listed at the Water Auction.

It’s getting late in the season. Any water that cannot be carried over will be lost. This format is designed to allow for sellers to get something for their water rather than forfeit it at the end of the season. With no commission to pay something is better than nothing.

To further promote fairness for sellers of temporary surface water, a ‘volume-weighted average price’ return will be implemented. The gross proceeds of temporary surface water sold will be divided by the number of megalitres offered for sale at auction (whether sold or not). Each water source will be calculated separately.

This will also reduce the inequity between the order of lots for sale where there is a price differential between early lots and late lots sold under the hammer.

Under this system, all sellers of temporary surface water listed will receive a return. The volume-weighted average or pool price will be shared amongst all sellers*.

A payment will be returned to all sellers after the completion of the auction. If further listed water is sold post-auction, a new volume-weighted average price will be calculated and a second payment will be made.

For more information on the Wilks Water Annual Water Auction, download a Vendor Listing form or a Bidder Registration, click here to head to our Auction page

*Temporary surface water buyers will be charged an auction fee of $1.50/ML + GST
*Temporary Surface Water will be transferred to a pool account prior to the auction




12th May 2017 @ 2:30pm

Davidge Pavilion - Riverina Field Days, Griffith

Entries invited for

Temporary and Permanent Surface and Groundwater

Very strong buyer enquiry in the Murrumbidgee Valley for:
  • Permanent High and General Security Water
  • Permanent Supplementary incl. MIA and CICL
  • Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater
  • Carryover Capacity
  • Forward Water
"Currently there is very strong demand for Permanent Water, with low supply available. I believe that at the Annual Water Auction, we could see sellers achieve record prices" 
- Tom Wilks, 13/4/17

Market Snapshot
Temporary Offers to Buy Offers to Sell Last Sale
Murrumbidgee $5/ML $10/ML
NSW Murray $30/ML
Permanent Offers to Buy Offers to Sell Last Sale
General Security $1500/ML
High Security $3480/ML
$3600/ML $3480/ML

For further information, or to list you water call us on
0269 318 522 or 0428 694 608

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Murrumbidgee General Security allocation has increased to 44% as a result of continued wet conditions which has further boosted the upper storage levels of the Murrumbidgee.


NSW Murray General Security has increased to 12% as a result of tributary inflows in recent weeks and includes improvement in Snowy Hydro delivery.


The next allocation announcement will be 15th August 2016. 


Murrumbidgee General Security water allocation increases to 44% of entitlement.


Murrumbidgee High Security water remains at 95% of entitlement. 

NSW Murray General Security water allocation announced today at 12% of entitlement.


NSW Murray High Security water remains at 97% of entitlement. 


See past and present Allocation Announcements on the NSW Office of Water website by clicking here

Lower Darling Temporary Trade Closed

NSW Water Commissioner David Harriss today announced the closure of temporary trade into and out of the regulated lower Darling River.

Read the full media release here