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04-Oct-2016 Allocation Announcement

NSW Murray

NSW Murray General Security

increases to 53% of entitlement

NSW Murray High Security

remains at 97% of entitlement


Murrumbidgee General Security

remains at 61% of entitlement

Murrumbidgee High Security

remains at 95% of entitlement
Murrumbidgee General Security allocation remains unchanged at 61% of entitlement. Average general security carryover is 19% of entitlement, meaning that overall general security water availability remains at 80%. The resource improvement in the past fortnight was required to be assigned to the Environmental Water Allowance (EWA3), in accordance with the water sharing plan, since general security allocation plus carryover has reached 80%. Future resource improvements can now accrue to general security entitlement holders. 

NSW Murray General Security allocation has increased by 11% to 53% of entitlement. Above average rainfall and wet catchment conditions continue to provide steady system inflows and storage improvements. Average general security carryover in NSW Murray water user accounts is 27% of entitlement, meaning that the general security water availability overall is 80%. 

The next allocation announcement will be 17th October 2016.
See past and present Allocation Announcements on the NSW Office of Water website byclicking here.

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