• For Sale Murrumbidgee Irrigation High Security (Wet) 35ML @ $7,350/ML

  • For Sale Murrumbidgee Irrigation High Security (Dry) 190ML @ $7,100/ML

  • WANTED TO BUY - 1000ML Lachlan River Permanent Water Entitlements General Security



As at 12/01/17 the IVT balance was still 100,000ML meaning intervalley trade from the Murrumbidgee to the Murray is still closed. (Click here to view IVT balance online)

The MDBA in their River Murray System Annual Operating Plan End October 2016 Update published 18th November 2016, on page 8, spoke of current planning calling on 100GL from the Murrumbidgee between January and May 2017, which would cause the IVT balance to be lowered, possibly to zero and open trade from the Murrumbidgee to the Murray(Click here to view the River Murray system annual operating plan End October 2016 update).


Murrumbidgee: $35 to $39/ML.

NSW Murray: $70 to $77/ML.

Victorian Murray: $70 to $78/ML.

Temporary prices in the Murrumbidgee are back to levels seen in the spring when the rain appeared unlikely to stop long enough for rice and cotton planting to occur. With a $30/ML price difference when intervalley trade opens Murrumbidgee values will rise and Murray values fall to find a middle ground assuming trade stays open for any length of time.

I feel trade will be opened and shut before most people hear about it.

The MDBA report also mentioned drawing on the Menindee Lakes storages to run the Darling River and the Murray River below Wentworth (Page 7).

This has been recently announced. (Click here to view the MDBA Media Release).


The MDBA report has outlined their intentions regarding IVT opening. We will only know the exact date after it has happened. Further information may be made available in the MDBA weekly update published on Fridays (To subscribe to weekly update, click here).

All the above information points to intervalley trade opening at some stage this season, however there are no guarantees.

If trade does open, there will be a stampede to take advantage of higher temporary prices on the Murray and intervalley trade will close very quickly.

If you wish to participate in intervalley trade, please contact me to make arrangements now so we can lodge a trade form immediately when trade opens. 


There are currently sellers in the Murrumbidgee Valley at $35 - $40 /ML. The lowest prices seen for quite a while. Prices will only stay low while intervalley trade is closed. It may be worth considering purchasing water now for pre-watering or to fill storages later on. 


Buyers are currently offering $60 /ML for carryover capacity in the Murrumbidgee Valley - including MIA and CICL.


High Security

Buyers @ $3500 /ML - few sellers

General Security

Buyers @ $1400 /ML
Sellers @ $1500 /ML

To discuss these or any other water matter please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Tom Wilks - 0428 694 608 or business hours - 0269 318 522.    

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