• FOR SALE - NSW Murray Zone 11 Temporary 1,465ML @ $360/ML        Wanted: Lease - LMGW Zone 3 (500-800ML) @ $150/ML

  • Wanted to BUY - Murrumbidgee Supplementary Permanent Up to 500ML @ $800/ML

  • Wanted to BUY - Murrumbidgee Temporary 1000ML @ $260/ML *All parcel sizes considered.*

  • WANTED - 500ML High Security LEASE (Murrumbidgee 3 Years) CALL to discuss $$$


01-Nov-2016 Allocation Announcement

NSW Murray

NSW Murray General Security

increases to 72% of entitlement

NSW Murray High Security

remains at 97% of entitlement


Murrumbidgee General Security

increases to 76% of entitlement

Murrumbidgee High Security

remains at 95% of entitlement
Murrumbidgee General Security allocation increases by 5% to 76% of entitlement. Continuing rainfall has seen storages remain effectively full and irrigation demand is minimal. Supplementary access has been continuous since the start of the water year; however regulated water delivery conditions will return as flood waters continue to recede.

NSW Murray General Security allocation has increased by 9% to 72% of entitlement. The increase is underpinned by improvement in storage at Menindee Lakes and Dartmouth Dam. 

The next allocation announcement will be 15th November 2016.
See past and present Allocation Announcements on the NSW Office of Water website by clicking here.

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