• FOR SALE 60ML MIA HS @ $8,500/ML Wet FOR SALE 100ML Murrumbidgee River GS @ $2,000/ML Dry

  • LEASE WANTED 300ML MIA High Security @ $440 per entitlements per year, 3 year term, smaller parcels welcome

  • FOR SALE AND LEASE BACK 200ML Lachlan River High Security @ $6,500/ML, 3 to 5 year term @ 6% lease back rate

  • FOR SALE Zone 3 Temporary Groundwater @ $220/ML FOR SALE Zone 7 VIC Murray 500ML @ $905/ML and Zone 11 NSW Murray 500ML @ $900/ML

Tom Wilks provides consultancy services to a variety of industry groups. 

Recent projects have included providing background information for proposed projects and procuring water entitlements in hard to source regions. 

With almost 20 years of experience in the water industry, Toms accumulated knowledge and experience will enable him to accommodate any industry or private requirements. 

During his time in the water industry, Tom has developed a network of independent Water Broking Professionals throughout the Murray Darling Basin.

If knowledge is required outside Tom’s geographical area of expertise, he will know who to call.

The water market is particularly volatile, should the information provided on this site not meet your needs or answer your query, please contact me by phone 02 6931 8522 or email tom@wilkswater.com.au