• FOR SALE 60ML MIA HS @ $8,500/ML Wet FOR SALE 100ML Murrumbidgee River GS @ $2,000/ML Dry

  • LEASE WANTED 300ML MIA High Security @ $440 per entitlements per year, 3 year term, smaller parcels welcome

  • FOR SALE AND LEASE BACK 200ML Lachlan River High Security @ $6,500/ML, 3 to 5 year term @ 6% lease back rate

  • FOR SALE Zone 3 Temporary Groundwater @ $220/ML FOR SALE Zone 7 VIC Murray 500ML @ $905/ML and Zone 11 NSW Murray 500ML @ $900/ML

At Wilks Water we are constantly canvassing various Federal and State Government Departments both in NSW and interstate, for any opportunities to participate in any current or future Water Recovery Programs for environmental or other purposes. 

Our intention is to provide clients with all available options when selling water, to achieve the best possible price. 

Past “Buy Backs” have proven to be very advantageous to our clients. Often non-government buyers are offering more competitive prices. 


If considering selling your most valuable asset please call Tom to assess all your options.