• Permanent Murrumbidgee General Security FOR SALE 711ML - Asking $2,250/ML

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  • Permanent Murrumbidgee High Security WANTED @ $6,000/ML (dry)

  • Permanent Murrumbidgee General Security WANTED - Offering $2,150/ML (dry)

Carryover of unused water allocation from one water year to the next allows an irrigator certainty of supply. This ‘capacity’ to carryover water is very attractive to other irrigators and has a value to them. In recent years irrigators have paid for the use of someone else’s ‘carryover capacity’. 

Basically a fee per megalitre for use of the capacity has been paid and the buyer, by means of a temporary transfer, places their own or bought-in water on to the licence. The water is returned to the buyer immediately in the new season. This transaction creates a certainty for the buyer that they will have that amount of water for use at the start of the new season at a known price. This type of water purchasing would be particularly advantageous when locking in to forward contracts. 

Pricing will reflect the price and availability of water at the time, risk associated as the holder or placer and the outlook for commodity prices.   

If this product is of interest please call our office on 02 6931 8522 or complete the online enquiry form available on this site.

The water market is particularly volatile, should the information provided on this site not meet your needs or answer your query, please contact me by phone 02 6931 8522 or email trades@wilkswater.com.au

Carryover Capacity - All Areas

For Sale All Areas

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Past Sales All Areas

 Date Source ML Price ($)/ML  Additional information
28/05/18  Murrumbidgee Irrigation  346  $30.00 Holder risk 
28/05/18  Murrumbidgee River  200  $30.00 Holder risk 
25/05/18 Murrumbidgee River 125 $15.00 Holder risk
25/05/18 Murrumbidgee Irrigation 75 $30.00 Holder risk
25/05/18 Murrumbidgee Irrigation 153 $30.00 Holder risk
25/05/18 Murrumbidgee Irrigation  153 $30.00 Holder risk
23/05/18 Murrumbidgee River 534.6 $30.00 Holder risk
23/05/18 Murrumbidgee River 48.4 $30.00 Holder risk
18/05/18  Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater
610  $10.00 Zone 3 
18/05/18 Murrumbidgee Irrigation  300  $30.00 Holder risk